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Specializing Commercial and Residential Vandalism Claims

Has your shopping center, office building, manufacturing facility, homeowners association, or home been vandalized? From rooftop shenanigans to broken windows, graffiti, tagging, and beyond, the cost of vandalism could be much higher than you may think. As public insurance adjusters, we have been involved in a variety of vandalism claims and have witnessed the damage firsthand.

The Importance of Using a Public Adjuster for Vandalism Claims

Seemingly minor acts of vandalism could cost much more than anticipated. For example, what if a vandal tagged your air conditioning unit? You might think a simple paint job would be sufficient, right? However, if the tagging affected the coil, you could be in for an extensive – and costly – repair. Vandals often tag the soft metal coil by carving their tags into the metal, requiring a complete replacement. What's worse is when the coil is part of an older A/C system. If a replacement coil is not available, the entire A/C system must be replaced!

This is but one example, of many, where vandalism can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair. While you may have insurance to cover the damage, it's up to you to prove your loss and support your claim with extensive documentation. A public adjuster experienced in vandalism claims knows what to look for, how to document it, and works to make sure that your claim accounts for all of your losses.

We work on YOUR behalf to ensure that all damages related to the vandalism are:

There's absolutely no risk in using a public adjuster to settle your claim. In fact, if we can't settle your insurance claim, you don't pay us anything. We work on a contingency basis, and there are never any upfront costs.

Wouldn't you rather find out before you settle an insurance claim that the damage is more extensive than you thought? Make sure your insurance company pays for ALL of the damage by working with an experienced public adjuster who specializes in vandalism claims. Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation.